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Dove hunting chair

Kevin and I had an epic Dove hunt a few weeks ago at his family dairy farm. We set up our Born Wild Shooting Chairs, since we were hanging out where the Collared Doves are chowing down on free organic cattle grain. Turns out the Born Wild Shooting Chair is a perfect Dove Hunting Chair.

I love the Born Wild Shooting Chair, or as my wife calls it, the old man chair. I’m only slightly offended. I do shoot some pretty heavy, long and off balance airguns, with the Airforce Texan .257 being at the top of my list.

I love the shooting chair because it’s easy to set up and tear down, and because I throw it in the truck or in a backpack and so sit in the woods and wait for a squirrel to come by or a wild turkey to strut in the distance. The shooting chair makes taking long shots realistic.

Both my buddy and I used the chair to shoot large numbers of invasive Collared Eurasian Doves, pigeons, and European Starlings. These invasive species cost farmers untold millions in grain costs due to the fact that these birds will pig out on grain meant for farm animals. The chair makes it pretty easy to set up and to thin the massive flocks of these invasive birds.