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Airgun Forum

Airgun Forums provide a community of like minded airgun addicts to discuss airguns, the airgun shooting arts, and to ask and answer questions about airguns. Want to learn how to set up a scope for your airgun? How to tune your airgun, or even how to air it up the first time? Airgun forums are the Best Airgun Sites to join up and visit.

I am seriously strung out on my airguns. Part of that addiction to airguns no doubt comes from visiting the various airgun forums on the web. The old ones such as the Yellow continue to get visitors and posters on a regular basis, and others such as Gateway to Airguns, have paved the way of a community that is mostly like minded, and serious about their airgun habit.

GTA is one that gives back to the community by having airgun meets, and gatherings, and holds fund raisers for some of it’s members going through a hard place. GTA is a huge forum, that has monthly raffles to raise money to keep the forum hosting paid for, and to keep up with new features and maintenance. It’s a wonderful community that is tightly monitored, and moderated. The moderation can in some cases squelch interesting and dynamic dialog between members.

One topic that is to some folks overly moderated is the subject of the airgun silencer, also known as a moderator, Lead Dust Collector, or LDC etc. Fear of reprisal from the government of course has stifled free speech on the GTA and other Forums. This is no doubt to the unclear language that the government uses to determine the legality of such devices on airguns. Fear takes over and you are not allowed to even say the unmentionable word.

Other Airgun Forum sites are a lot more open to discussion and do not get the level of moderation that the largest forums do. As is often true, folks get tired of the same old posts and posters some forums have, but primarily it is the squelching of free speech, and over moderation that makes people leave for greener fields.

A forum is a community. It is a living, breathing family. Check out the various airgun forums out there and enjoy! And if you are kicked off another site, then fear not, there’s others who will take you with open arms.

For me the Best Airgun Site is an Active Airgun Forum, is not too heavily moderated, or heavy handed enough to actually censor your posts. I have seen to many airgun forums that do this. The Airgun Guild, is not one of these however. After all A friendly place to share one’s interest in all things airguns is a more relaxed, fun and awesome destination to chat, ask questions and share your knowledge about airguns.