Archer Air Rifles got hacked

Woke up one day to find Archer Air Rifles hacked. Evidently a bad bot was able to figure out an admin login and password, and then went about installing a bunch of backdoors that allowed complete access to all files.

One backdoor was an email spam set up where Archer Air Rifles was set up to send many thousands of emails. This got us blacklisted for a while, and finally required taking the site down, erasing all related files, and starting from scratch. This is why the site looks decidedly unfinished. One day, one page at a time.

Archer Air Rifles got hacked, and I wasted a lot of time getting it fixed. Bah. Off with the heads of those who create those bots.

WordPress is notorious for getting hacked. My advice is to make your usernames, and passwords extremely complex and long, and to keep WordPress and all plugins and themes up-to-date, and to use security plugins such as Wordfence or Simple Firewall, etc.