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Industry Brand is a company in China that is the manufacturer of the Crosman 160 Air Rifle Clone, the QB78. Crosman made this rifle starting in the 1950’s, and when Crosman discontinued the rifle, enthusiasts all mourned.

Fear not, for Industry Brand stepped up to the plate and resurrected the Crosman 160, with their model QB78, only Industry Brand went above and beyond the original design and improved, power, accuracy, and number of shots you’ll get from two 12 Gram CO2 cartridges.

Early versions of the QB78 suffered from poor build quality, but Air Gun Tuners such as Mike Melick of Flying Dragon Air Rifles stepped up to the plate and systematically take these rifles apart and bring them to blueprint standards by polishing, cleaning and lubing the mechanisms. The result is a light weight, very accurate and reliable and inexpensive air gun that is absolute fun to shoot.

Another positive aspect of the QB78 family of air guns is the ability to customize in myriad ways.

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  1. Got my QB 79, and wow were you right! Joy to shoot, accurate, light, and powerful! Going to start on mods and tuning as soon as I can put it down long enough!

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